Alex is the Chief Executive Officer of BK Insurance. He is responsible for the development of strategy, strategy implementation, management and overall performance of the company. He coordinates the operations & oversees internal control systems. He has the duty to implement management information systems capable of sustaining growth, efficiency and effectiveness in the company’s operations.

Alex started the taste of insurance industry while in Rwanda Social Security Board where he was a key member of the team in charge of modernizing the Social Security industry. He joined Bank of Kigali in 2010 as a Legal Services Manager. He became part of Senior Management heading departments of Legal Services and Recoveries, a position he held until 2016 when he became the Chief Executive Officer of BK General Insurance Ltd. Prior to joining Bank of Kigali, Alex was the Head of Internal Affairs/Quality Assurance and a State Attorney in Rwanda Social Security Board. As a practicing Lawyer, he was a member of the Kigali Bar Association and a Member of the East African Law Society.

He is the Secretary General of Rwanda’s Insurance Association and a Board Director of The East & Southern Africa Insurance Organization (OESAI), representing Rwanda’s Insurance Market.

Alex holds a Bachelor’s of Laws (LLB) from the National University of Rwanda (NUR), a Master’s of Laws (LLM) majoring in International Commercial Law from The Robert Gordon University - United Kingdom and has completed an MBA – Strategic Management at Mount Kenya University. He holds a Certificate of Arbitration from the London Chartered Institute of Arbitration (CIARB).